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Performance Management Unit

Performance Management System
A performance management system (PMS) can be defined as a strategic approach to management, which equips municipal councillors, managers, employees, and stakeholders with a set of tools and techniques to plan, monitor, measure, and review performance of the organisation in accordance with the applicable legislation and pre-determined indicators and targets.

Performance information also facilitates effective accountability, enabling legislators, members of the public and other interested parties to track progress, identify the scope for improvement and better understand the issues involved. Furthermore, performance information is aimed at ensuring that municipalities monitor their IDPs and continuously improve their operations and regarding section 19 of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, No.117 of 1998 and Regulations, that they annually review their overall performance in achieving their constitutional objectives.

Performance management system play a pivotal role in assisting to make a significant contribution to organisational performance. The system is designed to improve strategic focus and organisational effectiveness through continually seeking to improve performance of the municipality and all areas within its jurisdiction.

Integrated Development Plan
The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is the Municipality’s principal five year plan that deals with the most critical development needs of the municipal area (external focus) as well as the most critical governance needs of the organisation (internal focus).
The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) –

  • Is adopted by the Council one year after the election and remains in force for the Council’s elected term (period of five years);
  • Is drafted and reviewed annually in consultation with the local community as well as interested organs of state and other role players;
  • It guides and informs all planning and development, and all decisions with regard to planning, management and development;
  • It forms as a framework and basis for the municipality’s medium term expenditure framework, annual budgets and performance management system, and;
  • It seeks to promote integration by balancing economic, ecological and social pillars of sustainability without compromising the institutional capacity required in the implementation, and by coordinating actions across sectors and spheres of government.
Performance Agreements: Period 2022/2023
Annual Reports