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Stella Offices​

Stella Unit of the Naledi Local Municipality

To its southern and south-easterly part, Naledi Local Municipality comprises constituencies, settlements, locations and/or areas which also very much make the shape, form and nature of Naledi. In the main, the following refer:

  • Stella town;
  • Rekgaratlhile township
  • Farms;
  • Kameel;
  • Gedulspan

The areas mentioned above, fall within Ward 1, currently under the political leadership of Cllr Mothibedi Letshwene. More than 80% of the present +/-10 000 people living in this area are economically and socially deprived.

Except for monthly instances of welfare grant payments, which do a lot of boost to the town’s trade business, basically all economic functioning of the town is agriculture (crop and livestock farming in the main).

A satellite office to look into the administrative support of the constituencies has been established. The unit has always been in existence, having taken from the then Stella Municipality which was distinct from Vryburg Municipality. Although much still needs to be done regarding reconfiguring the current organizational structure, the unit has a staff component of thirty one (31) officials

Already, in partnership with other stakeholder organs, the Municipality has roped in programs to beef up its service delivery mandate. In particular, the Extended Public Works Program (EPWP) and the Community Works Program (CWP) stand out to be the most prevalent thus far. Whereas the two programs are effectively ‘community-welfare safety nets’, by and large EPWP and CWP do a great deal in bridging some of service delivery gaps afflicting the municipality. Respectively, the programs employ thirty and twenty people.


Largely, due to resources restraints, Stella Unit mainly undertakes general maintenance the most of which being basic services such as water provisioning, street cleaning, public lighting, parks maintenance, electricity provisioning, refuse collection, service delivery transport, etc.

Challenges & Other Lined Projects

The following are key challenges faced:

  •  Bulk sewer treatment
  • Waste disposal & management
  • Roads maintenance
  • Jobs (Employment ) creation
  • Housing
  • Social amenities
  •  Delinquency

Few of the future projects envisaged for implementation during the current financial year and outer years include the following:

  • Fixing and/or procuring of service delivery fleet
  • Rehabilitating the landfill site
  • Rehabilitating the oxidation ponds
  • Procuring core equipment and machinery for service delivery


  • Light Industrial Hub Municipal Offices Establishment
  • Satellite Traffic Office and
  • Establishment of a Housing Unit
  • Support towards Stella Beesfees