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In February 2020 the Provincial Department of Human Settlements Appointed a Service Provider to construct low cost houses in Naledi Local Municipality’s Extension 1, in Stella town. The aim was to reduce the backlog of low cost housing (BNG) in the Province. The project has recently beared fruit to 20 beneficiaries who’s houses have been completed. As the Merrily season begins once more, two beneficiaries from the Project will be stationed in what they will now call their new homes. Senior Citizens, 78 year-old Sofriena Van Rooi and 73-year-old Mokwene Kleinjan Setae, are two of such beneficiaries.

The two beneficiaries were officially handed keys to their new houses on Tuesday, 14 December 2021, by the Municipality’s Mayor, Cllr. Cliffton John Groep, who was being accompanied by the Speaker, Cllr. Pitso Gulane, Ward 3 Councillor and MMC for Infrastructure; Cllr. Freddy Mgiga, Technical Services and Infrastructure Director; Mr. Nelson Mongale, Ward 1 Councillor and Human Settlement MMC; Cllr. Lentswene Mothibedi, Ward 8 Councillor and Community Services MMC; Cllr. Lebogang Jacobs and Human Settlement Officials, the Contractor, and other Officials.

According to the Human Settlement Officials, the main reason for allowing beneficiaries to occupy the premises before the completion of the project is a strategic one. It is experience that has taught them that usually with projects are at such stages of completion and are left unoccupied, some members of the community tend to vandalize them or even illegally occupy them.

Notably imports, keys were handed over to beneficiaries and not title deeds. Beneficiaries were made aware that the houses that they will be occupying will not have electricity and to this effect Permission To Occupy (PTO) agreements were entered into by the Beneficiaries, who agreed and signed the PTO.

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