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Message of the Mayor – Worker’s day

Today is the 1st of May which was officially announced as Workers day on our Calendar in the Republic of South Africa. May Day originates from the protracted struggle for workers’ rights and social justice of the late 1800s, workers day has been an international holiday in many countries since 1891. In South Africa a country with its own long and sordid history of labour and social conflicts.

Workers day has been officially recognized and observed for 28 years since the first democratic election in 1994. We have come a long way as a country to establish platforms where organised labour and the workers can sit and engage on all issues affecting the workers, amongst others Union’s federations, Local Labour Forums and NEDLAC.

Workers are now afforded an opportunity to raise their issues without being intimidated either by Marching, Petitioning and when there is a deadlock, Bargaining Council becomes an option amongst others in order to reach amicable solutions. Workers day is used to raise awareness and to call for better working conditions for our people including those who are Domestic Workers and Farm Workers whose rights continue to be trampled upon. The government of today has embarked on numerous campaigns and change of legislation to ensure that the most vulnerable worker’s rights are also protected.

As the Mayor of Naledi Local Municipality, I would like to wish every persons who are employed in South Africa a joyful May day without ignoring a serious concern of high Unemployment rate that we are facing each day .As the Municipality, we are engaging with all the stakeholders, Private and Governmental, to see how best we can tackle issues of unemployment and reduce or rather eliminate the struggle of the unemployed. I am urging all Municipal employees to excise their rights and familiarise themselves with all Municipal labour policies and procedures to make sure that their demands are met as their knowledge and satisfaction will enhance sufficient service delivery.

All employees are recognised and acknowledged for their tireless hard work and efforts to ensure that effective service delivery reaches our people.

Working together we can make South Africa better together.

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